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Tracking Prevention technologies, Ad Blocker and GDPR are changing the game of capturing data. Learn here how to cope with it.

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Know the difference between client-side and server-side tracking and their pros and cons.

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Learn how you can apply the future of web analytics and how it will affect your current marketing technology stack.

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Eugen Knippel, VP of Marketing at storyclash, is an experienced B2B growth marketer. He built his experience in data-driven, viral and growth marketing in several companies. Eugen 20x the growth of Adverity, a data analytics platform, within 2 years only.

Server-side tracking is causing a stir among digital marketers and shaking up the world of web analytics. Why? As marketers, we are highly reliant on analytics and data to figure out which channels and tactics are performing and where we need to shift budget or adapt our strategy. However, with privacy concerns limiting our ability to collect data traditionally, marketers and web analysts are starting to weigh up alternative options and ask if the future of web analytics might be server-side.

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